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About Insight Email

'Insight Email' is a stylish way to deliver your project, product and company news straight into the inboxes of building specifiers, and complemented by social media support AND inclusion on the L2 Media website. This combines immediacy, longevity and super cost-efficiency, giving you the opportunity to build your project and product portfolio on L2 Media's website so that specifiers have continual opportunities to view your company's news. You can also use your own social media platforms to link to the article, creating backlinks to improve your own SEO.

The emails themselves are crafted stylishly, appealing to building specifiers and designers with short, snappy text and attention-grabbing design. The reader simply clicks to go to the full story at 'Insight Online' or links directly to your website. The emails themselves can contain just your company or you can choose be part of a shared email, which works in exactly the same way - a single email brings exclusivity and shared emails offer cost advantages.

'Insight Email' is an excellent way to combine the advantages of email with longevity, SEO enhancement and social media promotion.

'Insight Email' is the opportunity to reach your audience in a place people visit every day... their inboxes.