Brickwork is a new online publishing package from L2 Architectural Media that promotes your company, your products, news and projects utilising a multi-faceted approach that combines social media with an online magazine & blog, together with image-driven web content plus email marketing. It's designed not only for immediate impact, but also retention and reference, with targeted readers and followers, available to the whole world to view, backed up by a regular stats report to show that the Brickwork package is much more than a pretty face.

The magazine

The magazine - Brickwork Online is published as a magazine/blog hybrid which provides instant presence and a facility to store your company news to create a great source of reference material. Email announcements to our 30,000 strong building specifier audience alert the readership to the updated monthly issue on a regular basis, together with related tweets to our follower base to encourage viewing.


Twitter - Currently utilising L2 Architectural Media’s Twitter followers, numbering almost 4,500, coupled with Brickwork’s new and expanding Twitter follower base, our followers are alerted to the latest news about Brickwork Online, as well as being treated to your news as an individual tweet from the L2 Architectural Media AND Brickwork Twitter accounts.


Pinterest - Completing the package is Brickwork’s new and evolving Pinterest site, which encourages followers and viewers to visit, browse, return and follow us by broadening the scope of its content to suit the Pinterest medium and – although promoting products and projects that have appeared in Brickwork Online – also features architectural styles and building types, together with interesting photography (covering everything from Bauhaus to Byzantine to Bus Shelters), design, photography, art and music to hold the attention of its readers and followers and to give you maximum exposure.

Online magazine + email promotion + Twitter + Pinterest = the Brickwork package.

Really, it’s not just about bricks!