Fox Marble Holdings plc

Fox Marble Holdings plc is a dimension stone company focused on quarrying in Kosovo and Macedonia and processing in Kosovo. It is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM:FOX).

Fox Marble has five quarries under licence (four of which are in operation) and a further five quarries under operating agreements. The quarries hold a combined volume of over 300 million cubic metres of premium quality marble and decorative stone. The quarries are currently being managed and developed by the Group's skilled Carrara-trained workforce.

Fox Marble is now finishing its first processing facility in Kosovo. This will enable the Group to process marble block into finished slabs. The Group's goal is to establish itself as the industry leader in decorative stone from Kosovo and Southeast Europe bringing the highest quality stone to the market at highly competitive prices. To this end in October 2016 Fox Marble announced the launch of Stone Alliance LLC. This U.S registered company will dwarf its parent and will eventually have some forty plus quarries and a further three processing plants. Stone Alliance is now at the fundraising stage of its life-cycle.

Fox Marble
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