About Insight

‘Insight’ is an email/archive package - email for instant impact, and retention on the website for longevity, and Insight Digital magazine format completes the package.

Some readers prefer to read a magazine than to receive an email and vice versa, some readers like to browse online, so Insight is a package that takes care of all angles. It also allows us to get creative with your stories and visuals for greater reader engagement. Here’s the information and a few sample pages, with Insight Magazine, you’ll see that not only can the reader go straight to your website, but can also visit your ‘portfolio page’ on our Insight Online web resource.

This adds extra value because all of your product/project stories are available for as long as you want. In fact, it’s a good idea to top up for your portfolio page, and if you haven’t got one, it’s a good time to start!

And for even more added value, back links help your drive to improve and maintain your SEO. And there are stats - we provide stats to back up the cost-effective nature of the Insight magazine, Insight email, Insight web resource and Insight social media package!

And - it’s limited. There is a maximum of sixteen stories in the Insight family of services every month because we want to keep it short and sweet, stylish and attention-grabbing. Each Insight shared emailer will only contain four or five stories - we don’t want quantity - we want quality and reader engagement.

In summary......

  • Insight Magazine
  • Insight Shared Emailer
  • Insight Archiveable Resource
  • Insight Social Media Support
  • Statistics Reports
  • Increased SEO

Insight. One package, one price. Six great features.

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