Bohunt School adds more walls.

Run by the Bohunt Education Trust (BET), Bohunt Secondary School in Wokingham first opened in 2016 with a £25 million build that saw partitioning experts, Style being specified to create a flexible room configuration in the main hall.

Five years later and Style was invited back into Bohunt, working directly with their staff to deliver additional flexible space – this time in the library.

Installing three separate Stylefold 120 folding walls adjacent to each other to corner off a section of the library, the school benefits from the ability to quickly redefine the space to house small classes and reading groups without disturbing the rest of the library.

Buffered up against existing columns, each operable wall has a pass door to give staff and students ease of access, and the impressive 46dB acoustic rating means classes can enjoy the peace and quiet of a separate room when required.

“This is a simple, yet very effective means of using a large open plan space and creating a separate, private room as and when required,” said Michael Porter, sales director for Style South.

“The wall is very easy and quick to manoeuvre into position, and the chic melamine finish complements the design of the rest of the school library.”

Style is the multi-award winning moveable, folding and partitioning wall specialist and the market leader in the UK. As the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Hüppe, Skyfold and SWG, Style offers an extensive range of moveable wall solutions for all requirements and budgets.

“We have a very strong reputation in the education sector,” continued Michael, “with installations ranging from vertically rising, fully automatic moveable walls in large university lecture halls through to small folding walls in village primary schools.

“We also have an in-house design team who can advise on making the best use of space, and in the case of Bohunt school, we were able to work directly with them to design and install the perfect solution.”

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