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L2 Architectural Media provides top-quality multimedia marketing services for building industry suppliers encompassing printed and online publications, direct email, e-newsletters, targeted online publications, and effective social media and networking opportunities.

L2 Architectural Media’s printed titles comprise ‘Building Innovations’ magazine, ‘The Architectural Technologists Book’, and ‘The Essential Building Product Review’.

Digital magazines and services include ‘XtraBuild’, ‘Insight’, social media marketing and email design and fulfilment services.

Editorially-led, L2 Architectural Media’s publications all have certain attributes in common - a concise, attractive, spacious, easy-to-read format offering readers and editorial contributors maximum information and impact from editorial articles.

L2 Architectural Media aims to engage architects, designers, and other building specifiers throughout the industry, to inform the reader, promote the manufacturer and supplier effectively and economically and, of course, to increase the sales of L2 Architectural Media’s clients.


With online versions of its printed publications, L2 Architectural Media offers online, interactive reading for Architects, Technologists, Interior Designers, Building Surveyors and other influential building specifiers and designers.

L2 Architectural Media’s online product and project resources, digital magazines, multimedia services, email and outstanding social media promotional capabilities all add up to an enviable online presence and innovative use of technology for the benefit of its clients and target audiences.


Designed and produced for architects working in private practice, Building Innovations regularly focuses on the main building product grouping areas relevant to the architect. With a regular round-up of new products, interesting and prestigious case histories, mixed with larger, dynamic, pictorial and opinion-based editorial features, Building Innovations has become a popular choice with many of the UK’s most influential building specifiers and designers. With 20 years in the market and going from strength to strength, there is no better publication for keeping track on the latest innovations to influence future building design.

Readership: Architects in private practice
Circulation: 7,000 print 20,000 digital
Advertising Rates: Full Page - £995 Half Page - £570



The Architectural Technologists Book (at:b) is designed and published for Architectural Technologists and comprises a mixture of practice news, practice design and concept stories, technical and ‘viewpoint’ articles, together with information about new product developments and case histories. With a clean, fresh design, at:b blends technical detail with visual appeal to ensure every issue is engaging for readers.

Readership: Architectural Technologists and Architectural Technicians
Circulation: 7,000 print 20,000 digital
Advertising Rates: Full Page - £995 Half Page - £570



Xtra Build is L2 Architectural Media’s online, interactive, digital magazine, designed to create specification and social media building opportunities for our clients and readers. For the reader, a chance to engage directly with you via your website, video, and social media channels, and for our clients, the opportunity to create interest and to build valuable social media connections and help with SEO rankings. Xtra Build is archivable and each issue is promoted through L2 Architectural Media’s own social media channels and mailed to a database of over 20,000 construction professionals.

Readership: Architects (public and private sectors), Interior Designers, Building Surveyors (public and private sectors), Design & Build Contractors and Main Contractors
Circulation: 20,000 digital
Advertising Rates: Full Page - £895 Half Page - £495



Brickwork Online is a great online publishing package from L2 Architectural Media that promotes your company, your products, news and projects utilising a multi-faceted approach that combines social media with an online magazine & blog, together with image-driven web content plus email marketing. It’s designed not only for immediate impact, but also retention and reference, with targeted readers and followers, available to the whole world to view, backed up by a regular stats report to show that the Brickwork package is much more than a pretty face. It’s not just about bricks!

Readership: Architects, Architectural Technologists Contractors, Interior Designers Architectural Technicians
Circulation: 15,000 digital
Advertising Rates: Full Page - £190



‘Inbox Email’ is a stylish way to deliver your project, product and company news straight into the inboxes of building specifiers, and complemented by social media support AND inclusion on our Brickwork Online website at

This combines immediacy, longevity and super cost-efficiency, giving you the opportunity to build your project and product portfolio on our website so that specifiers have continual opportunities to view your company’s news. You can also use your own social media platforms to link to the article, creating backlinks to improve your own SEO.

The emails themselves are crafted stylishly, appealing to building specifiers and designers with short, snappy text and attention-grabbing design. The reader simply clicks to open up the full story or can link directly to your website.

The emails themselves can contain just your company or you can choose be part of a shared email, which works in exactly the same way - a single email brings exclusivity and shared emails offer cost advantages.

Circulation: 15,000 digital
Advertising Rates: Solus email - £395, Shared email - £135


Our aim is to provide the specifier – the reader – with an attractive, well-designed set of publications offering maximum visual impact. Building design involves aesthetics and we believe that our magazines should echo that.

L2 Architectural Media’s publications provide the reader with an attractive, easy-to-read, informative medium, carrying the maximum amount of editorial information underpinned with strong imagery and visual appeal.

Many clients take a great deal of care and invest in high quality photography in order that their products, services and the perception of their company and its place in the market are maximised.

Not every client is in the position to provide high quality, aesthetically pleasing images all the time though, and this is where thoughtful design makes these images work as well.

We like to work alongside the client to ensure that their information is given maximum exposure in our magazines – often eye-catching and dramatic, always designed with an eye for detail and always aimed to attract the reader’s attention.


Social media channels are integral to any communications programme. We promote your stories via our various social media channels to give you an extra promotional push, which can also help with the growth of your followers and and help with your SEO efforts.

We can help you with your own social media marketing as well, which we operate for a number of clients. Twitter and LinkedIn are often the channels of choice for B2B businesses, but we will also help you with Facebook, YouTube, Istagram, Pinterest that will provide you with value. We will advise on the best social media channels to use, draft and schedule engaging tweets, LinkedIn posts and more. Plus, we help with ongoing monitoring of social media channels and follower list development to help you create the most professional, interesting social presence.

We’ll start you off if you don’t have a social media presence, building a site from scratch for you. We’ll understand your business and its targets, we’ll advise on how to engage your audience, we’ll build a follower base for you and use the most effective methods to ensure that you have an engaging and vibrant set of social media platforms.


If there’s anything that you’d like to talk to us about, we’ll be very glad to help. Magazines, social media, digital media, emails, design, copywriting, football, guitars, cars, dogs, the weather (at a push) etc, just give us a shout. We’re always happy to chat!

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