Boosting productivity and safety in outdoor industrial spaces

Under-utilised outdoor industrial and commercial spaces such as redundant vehicle yards or storage areas can be transformed into productive, income generating additional capacity as and when they are needed by installing Pop Up Power Supplies®’ range of on-demand service units.

By installing retractable service units, which provide access to power, water and data, it is possible to provide the functionality to use any outdoor space safely and reliably to meet the need for extra capacity in the short term or longer term.

The range of Pop-Up and In-Ground Units from Pop Up Power Supplies® has the advantage of being ‘there when you need them, hidden when you don’t’. This means there is no need to hire temporary, costly and sometimes noisy generators or introduce unwanted health and safety hazards with lengthy trailing cables.

Pop Up Power Units are available in four versions, all of which are easy for staff to raise or lower as required. The adaptability of these retractable telescopic feeder pillars makes them suitable for all outdoor environments including HGV areas.

Another option is an In Ground Power Unit, which can be operated with the lids locked down for continuous unattended use. In Ground or Flip Lid Units provide round-the-clock power for days, weeks or even months on end, minimising the potential for damage owing to vandalism and harsh weather.

In-Ground Units can be used in smaller spaces to supply an outdoor power supply and telephone connection. The double locking lids are raised manually and are gas strut assisted.

If the outdoor environment permits, a third option to provide power and services comes with power bollards available from Pop Up Power Supplies®’. These provide a reliable and efficient outdoor power supply in bollard format, with stainless steel construction, three diameters and four top designs. A stainless steel bollard can provide between 220 and 400 Volts and 125A of power, and they are available with standard configurations plus additional equipment as required.

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