Powering a safe, sustainable future for heritage buildings

With the public appeal of many of the UK’s historic buildings principally driven by their external appearance, the ability to maintain surrounding spaces safely and easily and unlock their potential for outdoor events is increasingly paving the way for an economically sustainable future.

Access to power is essential for staging the kind of outdoor activities that draw in visitors. Power is also required for maintenance tools and machinery, as and when this is required outside of the public view.

Achieving the balance between practicality and aesthetics is easily achievable through the range of fully retractable and In-Ground power units available from Pop Up Power Supplies®. These are designed on the principle that they are ‘there when you need them and hidden when you don’t’.

When power is required, the Pop Up Units are raised out of the ground with a simple turning handle. After use, they are simply lowered back into the ground. The Pop Up Power Supplies® range of In-Ground units (or flip lid units) features a simple open-and-close mechanism where maintenance personnel and events staff can access the power points with ease.

The In-Ground power units can be operated with the lids locked down, and the lids for both solutions are also recessed to accommodate any infill surface material, whether it is stone, paving or grass. When retracted, this ensures that units blend seamlessly with the local environment, upholding the integrity and aesthetics of heritage sites.

No owner or operator of a public building or space can afford to take health and safety risks as the consequences could be catastrophic. Here, retractable service units from Pop Up Power Supplies® offer major advantages too. Traditional outdoor power supplies, such as power generators, are hazardous in their operation, and trip hazards come through long lengths of trailing power cables. Generators take up space too and allow members of the public to get too close to what is a potential electrocution hazard.

With in-ground or pop-up units from Pop Up Power Supplies®, safety is optimised as the power source is discreet to minimise the potential for accidental contact. The cables that connect into the units are generally short and can be placed near the power units, and these are covered with ease by cable protectors.

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