Studor Solution Waves Goodbye to Ugly Rooftops

An architect’s vision for a ‘wave-effect’ building with no roof protrusions, to mirror the sinuous lines of nearby hills, has been achieved thanks to drainage ventilation expert Studor.

Italian architects, in conjunction with the multi-discipline company STEAM, designed the €130m Monselice Hospital in Northern East Italy to ensure it not only fulfilled the highest operational requirements, but also had a profile in harmony with the adjacent sloping hillside landscape. To achieve this aesthetic look, the integrity of the rooftops needed to be maintained, and the design did not allow for any roof protrusions to interrupt the flow of the roofline.

The project’s MEP contractor, Gemmo SpA, recognising that input from an expert in drainage ventilation was needed, asked Studor (with over 40 years’ experience in the field) to advise on the drainage system design.

Over 100 Studor Maxi-Vents were installed in the hospital which, as well as being the only technical and legally-recognised solution to the drainage ventilation needs, offered significant environmental benefits in reducing Monselice Hospital’s environmental footprint.

The 37,500m² hospital includes units for diagnosis, treatment and hospitalisation. The hospital has a capacity for 447 beds, of which one third are in single en-suite rooms, as well as 27 operating theatres as well as other washrooms, staff and community areas.

Studor has more than 1 million products installed each year across six continents, and its worldwide distribution network extends to more than 50 countries. The company has a rich history and specialist knowledge making it well placed to help architects, engineers, specifiers, plumbers, and end-users solve their drainage ventilation issues.

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