Memorial Hall Safeguarded with Yeoman Rainguard

The Linton on Wharfe Memorial Hall was originally founded in 1949 from money raised by the villagers themselves, inspired by war time fundraising events. The building of the hall however was delayed due to the post war restrictions on timber and other building materials and didn’t see its first official function until 2nd June 1953 for the Queen’s coronation.

The hall houses a poignant memorial, hence its name, to the seven men from Linton village who lost their lives in WWII.

To continue to maintain this important building, the LMH Trustees again sought to find funding to carry out extensive updating, including work to the exterior of the building.

Successful grant applications were made to Wren Landfill Communities Fund, Collingham with Linton Parish Council and other bodies who together along with private donations and village fundraising enabled the improvement work to proceed.

As part of the exterior facelift, a new rainwater system was required and subsequently bought from Yeoman Rainguard, who have been supplying and manufacturing rainwater systems in aluminium, GRP, cast iron and copper in Leeds for over 40 years.

To handle the water flow from the hall’s roof, a deep flow XL Aluminium gutter was selected in a half round 130 x 100mm profile. The greater capacity of the gutter will ensure there will be no overflow of water from the gutter through even the heaviest of rainfalls. 75mm dia rainwater downpipes were added to complete the efficient system.

Finished in a black textured polyester coating not only ensures that the rainwater system looks the part, but being a tough and durable material will also ensure that the villagers of Linton will not need to maintain or replace the system for many years, helping safe guard the building and it’s legacy for generations to come.

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