Floating floor application for Torfloor system at Lime House

A London based interior designer is fitting out a 60 foot canal barge as a permanent home to be moored at London’s Lime House Marina, bringing an unusual and interesting application for Omnie’s TorFloor underfloor heating system.

Nicholas Sheridan is carrying out much of the work on the Chloe Jean himself having bought the steel hulled vessel in June, following its original construction in 2011 to ferry passengers from Limehouse Marina to the Olympic Park during London’s Games. Seeking to make absolutely maximum use of the space available, Nicholas decided to employ an underfloor heating solution rather than conventional radiators, in distributing warmth from the boat’s diesel combi boiler.

He opted for Omnie’s TorFloor solution primarily because of its structural spanning capabilities and the system’s all round ease of installation.

Crucially the TorFloor panels combine the ability to provide high efficiency underfloor heating and a structural deck in one product, thus saving both time and money on installation, while avoiding the need for separate particleboard or other flooring.

The layout drawings which Omnie provided for Nicholas Sheridan and his plumber divides the Chloe Jean into four zones with pipe runs of 240m, 120m, 80m and 50m length, connected to a single four-port manifold, to serve the living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Mr. Sheridan, whose interior design business sees him working on residential and hospitality sector projects all over the UK, intends to keep the Chloe Jean at Limehouse Marina and sail her on the Thames when the tides are right.

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