Helping Grenfell survivors get fighting fit

As part of the BBC DIY SOS build to support the Grenfell community, Structura UK is proud to announce it has helped to realise the ambitious project to build a new Community Centre and a replacement Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club – located in Bay 20 of the Westway.

Over 200 square metres of Kalwall® translucent cladding has been used along the whole elevation of the new Boxing Club using the newly adapted THERM+ ‘stick built’ curtain walling system from RAICO. This is the first project realised using the new system and has worked remarkably well. The ability to conceal the fixings and screws coupled with the mill-finished aluminium framing has created a wonderfully smooth and dramatic façade.

The scheme was also supported by Fabrication Facilities which supplied specialist fixing brackets and On Site Recruitment which supplied the glazing fixers.

This new Kalwall+Raico system offers incredible versatility, even allowing the switching of materials - such as aluminium, steel or glued laminate timber (Glulam) - within the same façade. Overall, the system allows for monolithic, single action installations which save time on site and give excellent cost benefits together with a high thermal performance and long life cycle.

The lightweight system reduces the need for supporting structures while offering the highest protection in terms of wind-borne debris and resistance to impact, abrasion and point loads. The exterior face is colour stable and includes a UV resistant, self-cleaning surface. This means that normal rainfall helps to keep the surface free of dust and dirt while at the same time retaining its original colour during the weathering process. Furthermore, the inclusion of an erosion-prevention barrier protects the interior from weather exposure and the risk of fibre-bloom, cracking and crazing.

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